Getting Started navigate_next Payment Providers

Charge orders to your perferred payment provider

  • Stripe
  • Stripe supports online payment processing in many countries. See the complete list here.
  • More information on per transaction pricing for Stripe accounts can be found here.
  • Check out and sign up for Stripe at
  • Square
  • will work with any Square merchant account, in any country that Square supports. See the complete list here.
  • You can see per transaction pricing for Square accounts in each country mentioned here.
  • Check out and sign up for Square at
  • Auric
  • Auric is a payment provider that specializes in separating credit card fees from merchant pricing.
  • Consumers will see a 4% convenience fee added to their bill, which covers all credit card fees from Auric plus any fees for using
  • More information on Auric is available at

Apple Pay Google Pay

Stripe and Square support Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If you have previously negotiated a discounted transaction fee based on volume with your payment provider, you can continue to use your discounted rate on

Please let us know at if there is another payment provider that you would like to use with