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In person orders and payments offers the ability to process cards in person into the same attached payment provider as your online orders. This is especially useful when using the same system for all pickup orders, whether online or over the phone.

This also means that can be used for regular in person orders when the customer is in the store.

The merchant interface allows creating orders and selecting "Pay later" on the order form. Orders that have no payment cannot be completed until a payment is taken from the customer. If no payment is taken, an order can be marked as invalid.

In person order

Square: Getting set up with a card reader

In person payments with square is supported on iOS or Android devices. Your device must be running the Square POS app (available on iOS or Android), and the app must be logged into the same Square Location that you have linked to your account.

Your card reader hardware must be configured to connect to the Square POS app, and the hardware must be on and have battery charge.

If all of the above is correct, will seamlessly switch to the Square POS app when the "Pay now" button is tapped. The customer payment will be collected along with a tip, and the customer will be redirected back to the interface which will display an order summary.

All payment details will be recorded by, and in person orders can be treated exactly the same as online orders in the system. The ticket printer will automatically print a ticket for the kitchen.

Stripe: Typed card numbers

Both Square and Stripe support in person payments with typed card numbers. This can be done via the Pay Now button on the order creation page.