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Getting set up is easy

Once you have signed up for an account, will guide you through the setup process with an easy to follow checklist.

The five easy items to be complete before you can accept orders are:

  1. Connecting your Stripe or Square payment account.
  2. Completing your Online Storefront details along with uploading a cover photo.
  3. Entering and configuring your catalog items that you want to sell.
  4. Configuring your ticket printer to automatically print tickets.
    More details on the printers page.
  5. Advertising your Online Storefront on your website and Google Maps.
    More details on the advertise your Online Storefront page.

Once each item is completed, the checklist will update and show outstanding items. Tap on the help icons throughout the applications for additional hints on how to proceed on each screen.

Dashboard onboarding

Entering your catalog items

Entering your catalog is possible on all devices, Phone/Tablet/iOS/Android and Laptop/Desktop systems. While possible on smaller devices, this will be easier using a web browser on a Laptop/Desktop.

There are five parts to entering your catalog:

  1. Creating an Item Category.
  2. Creating an Item with a description and photo.
  3. Creating any Item Variations with their prices, such as Small/Large etc.
  4. Creating and linking lists of Item Modifiers, which allows customers to customize their order.
  5. Creating and linking any included/excluded Taxes that will be automatically applied to items.

Changes made here are instantly reflected on your Online Storefront. You can come back here at any time to change your catalog when new items need to be added or old items removed.

Temporarily hiding items

It is possible to hide an item from customers without deleting it, which is useful if for example, you are a restaurant that ran out of an ingredient. Just edit the item and modify the visibility using the dropdown selector. The item can be made visible again at any time.

Catalog items