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Let customers skip the line with on-location self service.

Sick of waiting in line to order? Or waiting for a server to arrive at your table? Waiting is a thing of the past with on-location self-service. provides the ability to generate QR codes which can be positioned where customers are waiting to order. Customers unfamiliar with the system can easily learn, interact and will then expect the convenience of self-ordering.

Order locations can be pre-programmed into QR Code based signage, which allows the customer to instantly provide their table number when ordering. Read more about order locations on the Pre-set Order Locations page.

QRCode         Voice assistant ordering

To generate and download a unique branded QR code and short URL for your Online Storefront, tap on the "QR Code Signage" link in the sidebar, or the link on the dashboard.

The generated QR Code images includes the based QR Code, along with the short URL. This enables users to have the option to either scan the QR Code, or quickly type in the URL. Of course the image also mentions to the user that there is no app installation required, which means ordering will be quick and easy.

On the QR Code download page, the text "ORDER HERE" can be customized to any phrase that can fit in the provided space. Get creative!

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